Graff Cattle has provided powerful bulls for over 44 years.
Chuck and Nancy Graff have been in the cattle business selling bulls for over 44 years.  
Chuck grew up raising cattle with his family in Eastern Nebraska and continued to
pursue his love for quality cattle over the years.  Chuck Graff owns and operates
Graff Cattle a family owned and operated ranch selling Registered Angus and High
Percentage Angus Bulls.

Tumbling T Angus is the next generation ranch owned and operated by Trevor and Amy
Dam based out of Arthur County Nebraska raising both registered and commercial

Graff Cattle and Tumbling T Angus do not only feel that they sire bulls that you will like
but they also trial the sires in Tumbling T commercial cattle to assure that calves are
desirable for both a commercial and registered herd.

Bull Sale 1st Saturday in February

Feb 1st, 2020 at
1 pm MST

Complimentary lunch at the place at 12:00

Sale to be located 7 1/2 miles
east of Ogallala, NE
on Hwy 30 at the place

2020 Bull Sale Videos Click

Sale Day Auction Services by
Schow Auction Services

We have tried to put together one of best sets of bulls
this year that will help your herd produce outstanding
muscular calves with excellent maternal traits that will
help your herd go to the next level!

Let our bulls help you make CAB© eligible calves!

Call and stop in to see the bulls anytime we are sure
you will be excited about the calves that they will sire!
Graff Cattle
Chuck Graff
550 Fox Hill Road
Ogallala NE 69153
ph. 308-284-2444
Tumbling T Angus
Trevor & Amy Dam
905 Packard Road
Arthur NE 69121
ph. 308-726-3366
Bulls Sired by:
S A V Sensation
S A V Renown
3 F Epic
Connealy Special Agent
Connealy Concord
Connealy Legendary
Connealy Captain
Evenson Stetson 100X
Connealy Top Money
Connealy Armory

Donor Dams:
Tumbling T Resource
S A V Emblynette 1783
S A V Emblynette 4633
S A V Emblynette 2033